Natural Breast Reduction

While some people go for breast enlargement surgeries, there are others that have problems with having excessively large breasts. It is not fun when one has to deal with people's stares, and not being able to wear fashionable clothes. Apart from the psychological stress, having large breasts also cause lots of physical stress and aches like stiff neck, difficulty in moving around or doing activities, back pain, poor circulation of blood, skin irritations and muscular pains. So, if your breasts have been concerning you and affecting you psychologically and physically, there are two options you can take to remedy the situation. These options are - Breast Reduction Surgery or Natural Breast Reduction.

First step to reducing breast naturally

The first and most effective way of reducing breast the natural way is to lose some weight. What is responsible for the large size of your breasts is mainly adipose tissue, which is loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes or simply stored cellular fat. Breast tissue is said to be 90% fat. So if you gained weight extensively, it is only natural that your breasts will grow along with the rest of your body parts. Hence, it is fair to say, if you can get rid of that excess or extra weight, the size of your breasts will go down too.

So the next step is - How to lose those extra fats naturally

It is not a piece of cake taking that extra weight off. Perseverence is the key here if you are intent on getting rid of the extra fats the natural way, which in turn reduces the size of the breasts. The crucial way is to burn more calories than you consume, with a combination of regular exercise. Doing exercises religiously will give you satisfactory results in the end. Exercises which target the chest or pectoral muscles strengthen the muscles underneath the breast. This is important as it gives the breasts a right shape and a bouncy appearance after you have lost a considerable weight. Therefore, weight lifting/training programme is beneficial for shedding off the extra pounds as well as in strengthening and shaping the breast tissues.

Natural Boob Reduction vs Boob Reduction Surgery

Going into surgery requires extreme caution. It comes with all its risks and benefits. Apart from its very costly procedure, boob surgeries can not guarantee the possibility/ability of breast-feeding. The time it takes to fully cure and the risk of losing nipple sensation and the scars that come with having boob reduction surgery have to be given serious thought. So in that sense, going the natural way of reducing large breasts is safer, does not cost a bomb and with little or no side-effect. However, there are scams abundant to be wary of in many herbal products today, claiming to be effective breast-reducing pills. There are lots of treatments available when going the natural way, which is without surgery - like the Alexia Herbal Breast Reduction pills that is believed to be made from natural ingredients designed to attack the fatty cells in the mammary glands. For males with Gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, there's Gynexin Alpha Formula pill which is said to be safe and effective. All these pills are largely available online and in the market but one can not be sure of its safety and effectiveness.

Any other product at all apart from the pills when going the natural way?

There is a product called Natural Breast Reduction Subliminal. According to the makers, this Natural Breast Reduction Subliminal Messaging Album targets the subconscious mind to naturally reduce breast size. The theory is that the power of one's thoughts can change physical reality. It comes as an MP3 album and the traditional CD album. As the name Subliminal suggests, this product aims at the unconscious mind. It claims that by listening to a repeated subliminal message it bypasses your conscious mind and help you get focused and make positive changes in areas of your choice, here Breast reduction. Conclusion It must be noted that there is no easy and short-term way of effectively and normally reducing the size of breasts. As we have seen above, there are several products from pills to CDs available in the market but its effectiveness and safety is not known. And as is common with lots of products, what works for someone might not work for others. Exercising to lose body weight seems to be the most natural and sensible way of having boob reduction. It takes patience, perseverence and strong will but there is no side-effects to worry about, and costs nothing apart from giving you a healthier life.