Breast Reduction through Diet Changes

Why some Women want Breast Reduction

There are quite a few reasons that a woman can desire a breast reduction. It is well known that large breasts can cause considerable back pain for the woman in question. This can lead to extremely bad posture. Women also desire smaller breasts so that they can look and feel more comfortable and wear clothes that will fit better over a smaller bust. As women age fat gradually settles around the breast area making them larger and even more uncomfortable. There are several ways that a woman can lose weight from their bust. Perhaps they will opt for cosmetic surgery which will offer an immediate solution to the problem. For those who don’t want to go under the knife the breasts can be reduced gradually by simple diet and exercise changes. These methods generally involve weight loss in general but there are some rules that can be followed that will be beneficial and will lead to weight loss around the bust area.

What are Breasts made up of?

Breasts are made up largely of fat but also contain connective tissue, blood vessels, lobes, lymph nodes, milk ducts and lobules. The size of the breast is mostly determined genetically and there is not much that can be done but factors such as being overweight do increase their size. Your diet and fitness level also plays a role. Muscle underneath the breast will also make them appear bigger. Breasts will also increase in size due to pregnancy but this is usually temporary and they will soon return to their normal size after breast feeding has ceased.

Diet changes for Reduction

There is no such diet that will have an effect on your breasts alone. Most diet changes that will alter their size will involve loosing weight in general. The best option is to reduce your entire body mass by means of a diet that may have an effect on the breast size. A healthy diet that is low in salt, fat and calories will help. Reducing salt intake will help as fluid retention can lead to bloating of the breast leaving them feeling tight and painful. By reducing the amount of packaged foods and soda that you consume will also help with this. Many foods in fast food outlets and restaurants can be processed it is worth finding out which ones they are and avoiding them. Avoid adding salt to your food and get used to checking the labelling on packaging for salt intake. Drink plenty of water to flush the fluids from your body. Diet changes do work better when they are combined with regular exercise which has specific relevance to the chest area. Look closely into these as some forms of exercise can increase the size of the bust by building up the muscle underneath them.

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Try to eat natural foods. Nothing processed or packaged. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables that contain a minimum of fat will help to start up the metabolism and start weight loss. Foods that are high in vitamin B are very beneficial. Many of the vitamins our body needs are from the B group. Oats, eggs, lentils, bananas and chilli peppers are all excellent sources of vitamin B. Good breakfasts of oats or bananas are recommended and try and get used to adding some of the above foods into salads that can be prepared easily. Not only will you lose some weight it will also have a beneficial effect on your fitness and energy levels. It is recommended that you eat foods from a variety of groups such as meat, vegetables, dairy products, fresh fruit and grains. If a very careful diet is followed there is no reason that a woman should not loose some of the weight from her bust.

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