Breast Reduction Abroad

Medical Tourism or Global Healthcare is a term used to describe the rapid-growing trend of going abroad/overseas for medical health care. Due to more people seeking faster and cheaper alternatives to the healthcare offered in their own countries, this industry is growing rapidly over recent years. Only occasionally is the medical procedure needed urgent, but more often it is an elective treatment such as cosmetic surgery or dental care that people go abroad for. That is not to say that other specialised treatments and surgeries like hip/joint replacement, cardiac surgery, and dental care are not popular.

So why go for Breast Reduction abroad?

The number of people seeking healthcare, and in particular for boob job in foreign countries is blooming. Most patients are Westerners who are attracted to the quality surgical treatment they could get for a fraction of the cost they would pay in their own countries. Often, patients can pay for their surgery, flight and a week or two at a top accommodation for half or maybe even as little as a quarter of what they would have paid back at home. Besides, countries like the UK, in particular have several conditions and long waiting lists to go through to be given medical care, especially boob job. The prominent consideration for people going abroad for boob job is the cost of the treatment. Cosmetic surgeries, such as breast reduction in particular, is a lot cheaper abroad than it is in the UK. For instance, a typical boob surgery in the UK could cost anywhere from £4000 to £6000. According to 'Treatment Abroad PriceWatch Survey 2008' - an independent survey of medical tourism prices, Cuba offers the cheapest cost of Reduction Mammoplasty, offering 81% UK saving price. More westernised countries, such as France or Belgium, can offer savings of 40% and 45% respectively. For those who do not mind the distance or are a bit more adventurous, countries like India and Thailand offer huge savings of up to 65% and 57% respectively.

Should you be going abroad for your boob job? What are the risks?

Now all is very well on paper. But you need to carefully consider the many other things you have to deal with, not just the financial aspect...

The Care Quality Commission: This body which is responsible for regulating and checking private cosmetic surgery in England does not cover procedures abroad and will not be able to help if you experience any problems.

Travelling Distance: How will you cope with the discomforts of having a seatbelt and a long haul flight home fairly soon after surgery? How about the cost of the flight, accommodation and any follow-up that may be needed?

You're not on holiday: Despite what many people think, it would be foolish to think that, once you’ve had the surgery in an exotic location that you will be able to bask in the sun and soak up the beautiful scenery. It should be remembered that there will be swelling, a lot of pain, and bruising. Most importantly, would you rather feel like covering up for a few days rather than showing off your body?

Quality of the surgeon/treatment: Taking Cuba as an example again, since it offers the highest UK saving price, or other countries like India or Thailand for that matter.Would the surgeon or/and clinic offer the highest quality of care you need? The importance of finding a reputable and legitimate surgeon can not be emphasised enough. Most surgeons are highly skilled and experienced people who only want the best for you. Unfortunately, there are also a few questionable surgeons who are not qualified or experienced and undertake surgery for financial reasons alone. There are clinics who are only interested in making a profit and not with people's welfare.

Board Certified: Make sure that the surgeon you go to is a valid 'Board Certified'. This means the surgeon is a member of a professional group. This group will be very similar to our BAAPS or The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons. Some surgeons have undergone their specialist training here in the UK and are listed on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery, held by the GMC. Therefore, it will be wise to look out for surgeons that may have an UK registration.

Eventually, it's about you - your body, staying safe and financially secure. Weigh your options carefully, do your homework to avoid regrets.