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Yoga for Breast Reduction

Background to Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, or Reduction Mammaplasty as it is officially referred to in cosmetic surgery circles, is the process by which the size of your bust is scaled down in size. It is a common surgical procedure for women to undergo, though there are options for men too (this is called Gynecomastia). In April 2011, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that breast reduction procedures listed in their top five surgical treatments, with over 130,000 procedures undertaken. However, reduction of the size of the breasts doesn't always have to involve going 'under-the-knife' though this is the option that attains the most dramatic results.

Why have your Breasts Reduced?

Overly large breasts, especially in women, often result in detrimental effects to health and lifestyle – in short, overall well-being. These effects can be emotional and physical highlighting a real vulnerability amongst sufferers. In particular, patients that suffer with a big bust claim that their confidence and ability to lead a normal, active life is diminished, self-image is harmed, whilst the occurrence of pain and discomfort is also common (back pain for example). Similarly, in men, the occurrence of 'man-boobs' can be a cause of embarrassment with knock-on effects to self confidence. In part, web testimonies suggest the role the media plays in portraying 'perfect' breast size for men and women contrasts with the body shape people actually have, leading to insecurity and self-scrutiny. Upon examination, whilst a large chest size can be hereditary, diet and lifestyle also play a major role with associated hormone levels fuelling changes in body shape.

What Techniques Exist to Reduce Breast Size?

In order to reduce the size of your breast, there are a number of options open to you to explore to attain a functional bust size in proportion to the shape and size of your body. First and foremost there is cosmetic surgery – Reduction Mammaplasty – where over-stretched ligaments and excess tissue within the breasts is removed. The resulting shape and size of the breast is therefore reduced in volume and aesthetic alterations are necessary, such as ensuring each breast sits uniformly, symmetrically and the nipple/areola area is moved higher up so it sits more pertly (rather than pointing downwards).

If surgery doesn't appeal to you, then there are other ways you can achieve an overall volume reduction in your bust. Diet and exercise are two simpler ways for example. Advice online advocates exercise to catalyse weight-loss, even before you consider surgery as it may save you time and money. Many accounts from large-chest sufferers and medical advisers can be located on forums. The majority of which suggest that while a pre-planned exercise regime isn't going to result in massive amounts of volume loss on the breasts, it will produce results and a definite loss of overall bodily mass, which can be seen generously in the breast area. In terms of types of exercise, the choice is yours and the options are vast. Some people follow pre-set plans or make plans up themselves. Some hire the services of a personal trainer. Some believe one of the many forms of Yoga is the way forward. Whatever your decision, it pays to research what is best and most appropriate for you – what you feel most comfortable with and what fits your lifestyle.

Yoga for Breast Reduction

Yoga is touted as one way to exercise and tone your bust. The variety of postures involved aim to work on achieving physical bodily-balance and reduce obesity and the size of abnormal busts. It is claimed that the poses involved alleviate stress on the neck and pull the shoulders backwards, for instance. However, practitioners of yoga are careful to point out that whilst it sites the positive benefits over a sustained and continuing period, it cannot match the immediate results of cosmetic surgery. Going to a high-impact weight loss yoga class or employing a qualified yoga teacher will help you understand further. Also different forms of yoga burn different amounts of calories – Bikram yoga burns up to 1,000 calories for example. Some of the yoga positions you might discuss that relate directly to toning of the breasts are:

Very good for breast reduction it is suggested. A predominantly leg-balancing movement where the body almost makes a 'T-shape'.

TADASANA (Palm Tree Pose)
Stretching of the body upwards from tips of toes right to tips of fingers.

TRIKONASANA (Triangle Pose)
A twisting of the hips and delicate bodily load-bearing as you reach down to the side of you legs and hold the position.

PADANGUSTHASANA (Toe to Hand Pose) and PADAHASTASANA (Forehead to knee pose)
The first, a move culminating in your feet rising up to your outstretched hand by your side. The latter involving placement of the head to the shin/knee incorporating stretching whilst either sitting or standing.

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