Exercise After Breast Reduction Surgery

What happens after Breast Reduction?

Once the reduction surgery is completed the surgeon will firstly cover the incisions and stitches with gauze. The patient is fitted either with a surgical bra especially for this type of surgery or the breast area will be covered with an elasticised bandage. If there is any need of a drain to remove fluid in each breast for the first few days, then this will also help to hold them in place.

How soon will I be able to exercise again?

Because breast reduction is a major surgery, it is normal for the breasts to feel painful and sore for a few days especially when walking and moving in general. The pain will reduce to discomfort within a few days and medication can be taken to relieve this. The surgeon will advise that any heavy lifting or straining should be refrained from for up to a month although the patient should be able to go back to work at a light job within a couple of weeks. Therefore if you want to start exercising again after the first few weeks it should be nothing more strenuous than basic stretching or a gentle swim. You may find initially that even showering or reaching to pick something up is difficult. You should also wear a sports bra for extra support during the exercise and to reduce any swelling that may occur.

Will I find any difference when I exercise?

Even the fittest of people who took part in physical activity on a daily basis before the operation will find that after reduction surgery there is a difference in how the same movements feel. This is because your body needs to adjust its posture to take into account the fact that your chest now weighs less. Therefore any major exercise regime should be started slowly and yoga or gentle swimming is ideal for encouraging the relaxation of any muscles that have been carrying the extra weight around.

When can I start more strenuous exercise?

Once you start your fitness program fully, it is a good idea to involve some aerobic activity. This will not only burn calories but also raises the heart rate. It may be a good idea to do some activity that doesn't cause any bouncing, such as a stationary bicycle, as this will decrease any discomfort you may feel. Most women will find that exercising after reduction surgery is much easier than it was before due to the decrease in weight of their breasts.